Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Yesterday That Never Was.

There is a new office in Federal government. It is called Social Innovations. Run by Tom Sheridan.

My suggestion for an re- innovation is to simple. Return to a time when Citizenship included the RIGHT TO BE HEARD in the Courts.
I will give you the benefit of the doubt, that you might actually care about the people you serve and not a big paycheck. I hope to be proved right.

Oh a quick intro I am a 60 year old woman who has dedicated 30 years to the homeless without pay. Often feeling like a unwilling clog in the machine grinding down people into nothing. In the name of Profits. I have ideas from myself and those I serve. I would love to be heard, at the White House.

I operate a Homeless Crisis Hotline. Where those I serve who are eligible for town aid are routinely denied by governmental officials.

UPON the issue of my doing my job to the best of my ability With OUT, governmental lies to the people who call me for help, the US Courts doors, are closed to me for redress, because I cannot afford a Lawyer. The state has NO Valid reason to interfere with my success rate of Housing the Homeless. Tried to correct this practice in Court in 06 and 07 dismissed. (technicalities)

It would be great to take 50-200 leaders fighting to end 100% poverty, and their significant others and asked for solutions. Fly them first to DC. Place them in a luxury motel.

Then President Obama, have a Long lunch with them, get workable ideas and solutions. Then give them a vacation a few days in the motel and a stipend. The solutions are With Us Underpaid, workers, mothers and disabled. We know the Barriers First hand.

Tom, this is basically what I wrote to President Obama

My right to travel is impaired I was offered a spot to speak at National Students Against Hunger and Homelessness at Chicago Loyola U. This week-end, the 6th of NOV I was to present to students from all over America.

Only poverty caused my lost of Drivers license. I had not photo ID. As my license was no longer valid. My right to drive, has been twice removed without a hearing on the facts. This due to a car accident. I missed a pretrial hearing. Usually a lawyer is given a change to set things right. So why not someone knowing less than a lawyer? For thousands of years the wisdom went in favor of the self-representing party, on technicalities alone.

I was barred from presenting my side of the story not because there was no dispute, but upon technicalities alone. I am prevented from accomplishing my calling by twisted law designed to eradicate use of the courts by the poor. This case has gone on since 2004, I paid over $1,200 and only $200 counts to the Principal.

The car was purchases at $1,000. I owe around $3,000. That is nearly half my income for a year. Lacking income, and fighting the Corrupt System, is like trying to climb up a 90 degree hill.

I contended I was only 1/2 at fault. The insurance said I was 75% at fault but it will cost me Way over the 100% of the accident. The court heard NONE OF THIS. Smoking mirrors made my rights vanish.

Yes Obama you are black but have no idea what it is like to be poor, of any color.
If you can pardon criminals; Please, I beg you Please, try to pardon me, for being a 60 lady without sufficient income.

The worst part of all this IS there are people out there not able to exercise their right to be human. My violation was travel and right to speak.

There are people out there who lack a roof over their heads or ample food in their Kids bellies. Our federal and state courts being for those who can afford attorneys, keeps them homeless, and in unneeded misery.

I would love my day in court. But you cannot do anything about a Maine state Court. Except to say the State Court Judge swore to uphold the USA Constitution. This could be a factor in making judges PROTECT the rights of the indigent. Another alternative would be issuing a social innovation fighter a federal driving license. That would be one cure.

You can retract the needing ID to Fly, take a bus, or a train. The Real ID only makes terrorist get fake ones. It has made Americans Less FREE

The only crime I am guilty of is being born poor, and staying poor, working at minimum wage, for all but 5 years of my life. There are 120 million of us out there who need a pardon.

State and Federal Jurist takes on oath to unhold the US Constitution. Then dismisses valid cases on technicalities, not usually applied against School Taught Lawyers. Why? To Lessen the Dockets.

This has and IS being done since around a 1974, 1977 Criminal case. It is called something like Frattteia vs the US. Its where the US Supreme Court ignore 700 - 1,500 years wisdom and hold criminally charged people, who cannot afford a lawyer to a HIGHER Technical standard then A Schooled attorney.
If you can afford a lawyer or accept the underpaid court appointed lawyer, you can complain he was ineffective at trial. If you represent yourself, without a lawyer no such claim is permitted.

When the phrase "Not benefit from their absents of a lawyer" is applied without logic, it transform the legal system into a series of hurdles.

In civil Cases average persons who cannot afford a lawyer, are held to a higher standard of technical proficiency then lawyers. This is CONTRARY to the concepts of Justice.

I want to contribute to life, up to the level my skills allow. Not, merely but a vessel to pay bills. Without a drivers license I cannot drove 80 year old women around in search of an apartment.

What Right has to Government to say I can not follow my heart, in legal endeavors? My social innovation is to return to a Freer America. Let us fill the dream. Let us end 100% of poverty.

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