Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just about 5 days before the 10th of Dec., and Poverty Awareness Day, I am wondering If I done enough to get the word out. We need searchers to look up the word Poverty at two of the sites which lists what topics was most searched. They are Yahoo and Google. If you have only the time or energy to look up one spot make it Google as they list the top 20 not just the 10 most popular searches

I have written to many groups. Some I belong to, and others I do not belong. The ones which I belong to I have not seen a post by them. has listed the event. I feel like I have been unable to convey the importance of this act. to others.
A three months lead-way, and less than a handful of people-without any budget to speak of this, is less the optimal. Yet that is what I have to work with, worn out tools.
The first person I bounced this Idea off of, outside of the Board members said "Great idea" It self explanatory. 3 out 4 people at Yahoo Answers said get a job. the fourth decided. "I will not lose anything, Ill do it."

There will be another flurry of emails and phone calls on Monday. saying the 10 is close. In order to make poverty part of the discussion, search for it on Yahoo and Google on the 10th of this December. Tell even two other folks who will tell two other folks about this action.

Because the Poverty Awareness Day is on Human Rights Day, other groups seem busy with their activities, and will not post. So yes this does need explanation. It also needs to reach a mind who will trust if enough people do this it can have good results. The media refuses to carry in depth stories on ending poverty. They say not that many readers CARES about poverty. If we can hit number one or ten we can show the media, People DO Care.

I wonder if I can get even 100 people asking 2 people to click away on poverty at these two sites before its the 10th? Is this too hard an concept to understand?
Maybe, if this flops I am in the wrong field? Or maybe I should try twice as hard for twice as long next time. Get a budget, and more volunteers.

I am asking every person who has use of a computer, to use their web search to look up poverty. You might be interested with the results. This will be an nearly 36 hour action due to time differences all over the world. am asking people in the UK, So. Korea,the AU to do such. The success or the failure depends upon who many understands this action well enough to post with your favorite groups. It depends upon if I reached enough willing people. It also depends upon if the universe thinks this is the Right time.

You might not have money to donate nor a being space of time to donate to the cause of ending poverty, with the economic system of Love. But you can say you were part of this movement if you look up "Poverty" even once at Google. You can say you helped leaders improve the world by putting poverty at the top 10-20.
Like I said any time on the 10th is the time to look up poverty. I think that the AU is at least 10 hours ahead of American. Then CA is 3 hours behind Maine.

Please both look up Poverty, and post this event.

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  1. Jan, This is a good project and it's timed perfectly for Human Rights day.

    Remember, any worthwhile movement takes a lot of time, effort, and luck! Don't worry if this isn't a rip-roaring success. You never know who will be touched by it.

    And I'll see what else I can do to get the word out. Keep up your avid advocacy!