Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas and year round thought on children

Below is a submitted letter to the Editor for Dec.

For some, this season is about a homeless child. A manger is not intended for humans to live in, even a few days. I freely admit my ignorance about most of the other religions and cultures.
But homelessness is not new. What pierces my heart is when people calling the hotline says, they have 1 or more children.
I wonder if the young ones are questioning “what did I do wrong , that I deserve to be hungry and homeless.” They are seeing the worst society has to offer-our indifference, our distain.
And yet we still have the audacity to call the youth, “our hope for tomorrow”? Is that how we treat our potential hope? We need to treat each child born of either pauper or king, or some where in between, as special, worthy of nutrition and safety of a home.
This is the gift I want for the holidays. No more homeless kids.

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