Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dec 10th Action, to End Poverty

This is going out to as many groups as I can locate-know I will miss of few. Feel free to send this to a freiend or a group you belong to.

One Word many meanings "Poverty". Please tell your members about this December 10th Action

I am tired of seeing Movie,TV stars, Sarah Palin, and sports stars as half of the top ten searches of Yahoo and Google, most popular searches. Are you?

Poverty Awareness Day, Planned on the Human Rights Day of Dec. 10 when in 1948 the UN adopted a 30 article statement, saying everyone should have a pay which covers their needs.
Our small group called Hospitality House Inc, of Maine ask everyone look up "Poverty" on Yahoo and Google on December 10th.

This also is called Bill Tinker day for a NH veteran who fought homelessness, until his dying breathe last week. Nov. 16th

If us and the groups joining us gets enough people on the search engine we can make the word poverty one of top ten. We will then tell the media that People care about ending poverty. Pray to use this time to recreate economy, to end poverty

Please ask 3 friends or groups to Join in looking up the simple word "poverty," on the search engines, at all times of Dec. 10th. In fact I will begin the evening before. I will go out of the search engine and re-enter every time.

I will be grateful for any way you can get out the news to places, people, and groups. This is an world wide effort. Seek at least 250,000 hits, Every hit or 10 hits, counts.
I personally will hit the searches for"poverty" for 5 minutes every hour I am awake, on Dec 10th. First Google then out. Then Yahoo,and out, then Google again.
Jan Its time to Thrive not merely survive.

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  1. Jan,

    This is a great idea, one I'll share through my networks! I hope others will do the same and finally put poverty on the map.

    Let it rip in your new blog! You have lots to say.