Tuesday, January 19, 2010


About, 2, 000 year ago a wise man laid out the blue print on ending poverty. When asked how much do we give to the poor? Christ said "the Full Need." This means we ask the Poor what they need. The answer will be to be paid an adequate wage, even if we are flipping burgers. Human Kind has never tried to follow that blue print.

Us humans have the solution to end poverty. What we lack is the ambition, we lack the feeling we can accomplish this goal. Of knowing this goal is doable.

In the late 1950’s American leaders were determined to build a inter continental highway. We built it from point A to point C. We did not stop at point B and expect the Route 95 highway, without out any tools, or materials to magically build itself from Philly to Maine.

But somehow this seems to be a sensible solution to ending poverty? Personally, as someone of poverty, working with others in financial lack this seems as insane as repeatedly, hitting ones thumb with a hammer, giving the thumb time to heal, then not excepting it to hurt on the 50th try. And it seem just as fruitful, as giving a welfare moth 1/3 of the rent cost then exclaiming that she is a lair and thief, when she finds the other 2/3 plus money required to do that.

According to experts it will cost 0.02% of the world wealth to eradicate world wide poverty. That is a tiny number. We only have to believe end human lack is a doable task. Then, we need to reroute the buying power to every person on earth. Millionaires of any moral standing will not much miss the insignificant amount from their huge paychecks. They we see a better society, with less violence.

This will happen when enough humans aspire to ending 100% of poverty. When people are willing to give the full need to the poor, it will end the nightmare of poverty. Just as building a bridge half way to a destination and expecting it to build its self doesn’t work. We need to give 70% of Americans the full need or a livable wage. We need to follow the old blueprint, to share adequately.

Yes so the Millionaire or Billionaire, only has 7 houses across this world instead of 8. The Billionaire will not miss that extra house, as much as 10,000 some-ones with no house, no apartment misses their safety, their humanity. The Blue- print simply says to pay every worker, all the disabled, and single parent enough to pay their monthly bills.

Many kind hearted persons, already thinks this compassionate way is followed, but it IS NOT. We must make into reality, this wise blueprint. Giving to the full need will end the specter of poverty.

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