Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paid Less than the Need, Means Treating People Like Disposable Machines

Noticed on Yahoo’s listing of green jobs the most desirable pays are told as yearly rates as $90,670 a year. Even in greens the lowliest drudgery jobs are told in terms of say $7.50 to $10.00 a hour. I guess even the employers do not want you to know that you will be making under $25,000 a year.

I guess Under $25,000 is not the bait, you want to use when trying to snag the cream of the cream. So you boast of an hourly pay, which is above starvation rates of $8.50 an hour.

Looking at regular jobs, this is the practice, not the exception. Then, looking through the State employment data base, I found most of the listed jobs start at $10.00 and under.

If you use logic and HUD's fair-market rent values, one needs to make $15.57 an hour for 40 hours to pay the rent. That means you live in sub-standard housing, or cannot pay the rent. Even at $10.00 an hour instead of $15.57 it can take two full weeks or more of income to pay for a two bedroom apartment. Then you have taxes removed before you see them.

Every one needs to be working at the advertised yearly rates of even $40,000 a year. All jobs should be advertised by the yearly income. And workers should only have to toil one week to pay there rent.

This means either rents go down, or salaries come up. Look at your own job listings. Are jobs over $35,000 a year posted by the yearly rates? Are $10 and under, jobs posted by the hourly wage? This is an indicator of unfair pay.

If people did not do office and bathroom cleaning, executives would not want to do their jobs. So in fact that job is worth $20 dollars an hour. While educated people, as nurses get the purchasing power of $45 an hour.

I know of only one land who said, you have a low income so this apartment is $550 a month rather than $625. It can happen but usually the sounds issuing forth off most landlords lips am "I have to pay my insurance and other bills. The price is as I advertised. If you do not take it at that price someone else will."

This is a Humpty Dumpty world were 70% of workers are paid less the rent. Equality and decent pay goes together. It would mean a change in our economy.
But after more than 2,010 years it’s about time, everyone working disabled and stay at home mothers.

For Mom and Pop employers the government will compensate the difference.
By paying a decent wage, taxes for most aid, not covering the full need will be saved. Aid will seldom be required. Human dignity will be respected. Workers will be joyously more productive. Employers will also benefit.

Employers will benefit, on their taxes, because with a truly livable wage, social services program will seldom be required. People will be told, through deed they are of value. So it will follow, that ALL LIFE IS OF VALUE. With well paying jobs, both violence and human suffering will end. In the long run money will be saved.

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