Monday, February 15, 2010

How Do we End Poverty?

Realize human beings make poverty, by not paying their workers the cost of living. We define poverty as being unable to pay for all our modest human needs, in one moth’s pay check. Allow these plain but heart felt utterances, flow into your own heart . Imagine just how you would feel living on $7.25 on hour. Not allowed entertainment, vacations, or even to make small repairs and replacements, without the budget being thrown into array for 2- 6 months.

You work as hard as you can on dirty and hard front line jobs, for extremely less then your monthly bills. These are bills you cannot reduce. The power company will not say, “Oh you work for $10 an hour, we will cut the rate of your services.”

I say, simply ask the 70% of all American’s who fall behind in rent, utilities, and other items of lives basics. , "What is it, that you need?" A dollar to a donut, in one fashion or another, they will say "Better paying jobs." This comes as no surprise. As the minimum pay is less then HUDs figures is required to pay the full rent.

Look in newspapers, the prices advertised is close to what HUD say they are in each state. Or the actual price of rents, are even more. Even slums cost top rate.

How does one manage to pay $10.00 to $25.00 for 40 hours, for rent, on an income of $7.25 on hour? You have to work two or more jobs. Then you, the front line workers are deemed lazy by the clueless. The clueless do not want to hear that the inadequately paid, are not at fault. They are targeted for bad compensation, in exchange of the workers life energy.

And the news does not want to carry the words, of how broken our economic and social system really is. Because the truth will piss off advertisers, who depends on the status quo. And advertisers support the news media.
Yet they will carry advertisement pitting elusive class against each other. Just today a scam about work from home, belts out for the radio the middle class is losing ground in paying their basic needs. While the counted poor are given all the free stuff they need. This is what promotes class warfare, based upon fabrications.

We can end human lack in the next 10 minutes, by believing it can be accomplished. We have the intellect, to do it. We just need to take a new step.

I, am someone mired in poverty 55 year out of 60 years, escaped only when my partner made above a livable wage. I deeply believe all, people who earn or is on a program which gives less then the need, Are entrenched IN a System creating POVERTY.

The answer is in front of our noses. How do we cure poverty? Ask what the need is, then Employers of National corporations tighten their, and their stock holders belts. It can be done, we can end poverty.

But when the big allies of poverty and homelessness call for just 50% cut in poverty, that is insuring the poor will hold the 6 figures jobs of those at the top.

I work with a small group doing a big job, but not enough for us. We want to end 100% of poverty. We need to tell the 70% of Americans paid less then the costs of living they are also the poor. Washington DC just do not count them. Washington DC would rather they fight and bicker with the counted poor, while capitalist make unseemly amounts of profits.

Let us end poverty in the next ten minutes, by believing in the worth of every individual. By acting as if we can make all jobs pay a decent wage, the full need; plus repairs. It is not our wallet which governs the faulty quiremire of being unable to pay ones bills. It is not our funds. It would only take 0.02% of the world resources to end world poverty. It is. just our attitudes, holding strong the nightmare of poverty. It’s our believing Human lack is the fault of those without enough funds to make both ends meet.

In the next ten minutes you can decide to examine for yourself If I could be right. These ideas are 62 years old to 2,000 year old. I ask you to do something nobody but you can do. Let go of your old ideas, examine mine. Ask yourself Do I want to live in a better, more equitable world? Join groups through out the USA, which fights for 100% Cure.

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