Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When we Believe we can End Human Lack-We Will.

I moused through the Law and Poverty site, on Can no longer say I thumbed through the book, when talking about links on the internet.

IT is great that someone is trying to make the soon to be wealthy, aware of poverty. The only issue I have is they cite groups of powerful people, whose top officials, makes a good living from poverty. A few make 6 figures. And they want to insure poverty remains.

Otherwise they would lose there job. They could go on to other highly paid jobs, after ending poverty. But that is the devil they do not know. Someday those in power like the National Homeless Coalition, will actually Listen to us poor. They need to End ALL poverty. Not, half, as they and other's intend.

I do not know one authors of those books, who plainly says To Cure poverty one must pay real livable wages, and above. Some writer's, elude to bad pay. But they stop short of saying Human suffering is cause by the attitudes and the deeds of those above them on the financial ladder.

Among the thirty+ or so books on poverty, was Nickel and Dime. It gives you the feel, but the impending loss of life, the Hopelessness is not as vivid as if it were happening to yourself, and you had kids, or an elderly parent counting on you.

Ending all poverty is achieved, by destroying the myths. By recognizing all paid must be paid enough to cover the bills. By placing the shame of poverty, not upon those given bad wages; we place the dishonor upon the employer who pays 1/3 to 2/3 of the need.

Who will tell you this? It's the people at the bottom. It is the groups who work without a budget and often no pay, who know how to end this scarcity in a land of plenty.

When the powerful groups admit they lack the answers they will listen to us who know the answer because it is written in bible "Give unto the poor, their full need."

When the National Homeless and poverty groups admits that is the answer a decent wage, welfare and SSI which pays the cost of rents, utilities, and repairs then I will consider them the allies of the poorly paid. Until then they are just another middleclass, or upper class hurdle we must educate

It is simple but not easy. Our young people in Kindergarten, who should also be taught about "Ending Poverty".

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